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A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate

supplier and exporter in Mumbai, India

Buy High-Quality A36 HR Steel Plate at Champak Industries – Leading Supplier, Importer & Exporter of ASME SA36 Carbon & Low Alloy Steel Plates in Mumbai, India.

A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate is a high-strength, low-carbon steel widely recognized for its versatility in structural applications. As a major supplier and exporter of premium-grade A36 plates, Champak Industries guarantees the consistent delivery of quality materials tailored to meet specific project requirements. The hot rolling method gives the plate its distinctive rough surface while enhancing machinability, weldability, and durability. Available in many dimensions and thicknesses, these plates are perfect for building frames, bridges, and other heavy-duty structures. With a wide-ranging inventory and full transparency through Material Test Certificates (MTC), Champak Industries is your trusted partner for reliable, lucrative A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plates.

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Need more detailed product information before ordering? If you’re ready to order or would like to talk with one of our materials experts, for more specific questions regarding our products, please Contact Us at +91 98209 44724 or Send Enquiry through the Enquiry Form.

Need more detailed product information before ordering? If you’re ready to order or would like to talk with one of our materials experts, for more specific questions regarding our products, please Contact Us at +91 98209 44724 or Send Enquiry through the Enquiry Form.

What is A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate?

A36 HR Steel Plate is a high-strength, low-carbon steel plate that has undergone a hot rolling process. During this process, the steel is heated above its recrystallization temperature, which allows it to be easily shaped and formed. As a result, the plate has a rough surface finish, improved ductility, and excellent weldability. This material is commonly used in structural applications due to its versatile properties, such as high strength, machinability, and durability. It is ideal for constructing building frames, bridges, and other heavy-duty structures, making it one of the most popular steel plate grades in structural engineering.

A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate Features

  1. High Strength and Durability: Offers strong structural integrity, making it suitable for load-bearing applications like frames and bridges.
  2. Good Weldability: Easily weldable with standard welding processes, ensuring reliable connections in fabrication.
  3. Machinability: Its low carbon content provides excellent machinability for cutting, drilling, and other fabrication processes.
  4. Ductility: The hot rolling process enhances the plate’s ductility, allowing it to withstand deformation without breaking.
  5. Cost-Effective: Provides excellent performance at an economical cost, making it ideal for projects requiring quality at competitive prices.
  6. Versatility: Available in various thicknesses and dimensions, suitable for different structural and industrial applications.

These features make A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate a popular and versatile choice for structural engineering and construction projects.

A36 Cold Rolled Steel Plate Weight

Thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m)
3 mm 23.55 kg
4 mm 31.4 kg
5 mm 39.25 kg
6 mm 47.1 kg
8 mm 62.8 kg
10 mm 78.5 kg
12 mm 94.2 kg
16 mm 125.6 kg
20 mm 157 kg
22 mm 172.7 kg
25 mm 196.25 kg
28 mm 219.8 kg
32 mm 251.2 kg
36 mm 282.6 kg
40 mm 314 kg
45 mm 353.25 kg
50 mm 392.5 kg
55 mm 431.75 kg
60 mm 471 kg
65 mm 510 kg
70 mm 549.5 kg
75 mm 588.75 kg
80 mm 628 kg
90 mm 706.5 kg
100 mm 785 kg

A36 Hot Rolled Steel Sheet Sizes

Type Alloy Thickness Length Width
Coil ASTM A36 1/4″, 3/16″, 3/8″, 5/16″, 1/2″, 7/16″ Any 60″, 48″, 72″
Cut to Length 3/16″ to 1/2″ Any 84″ to 96″
Cut to Length 3/16″ to 1/2″ Any 96″, 84″
Hot Rolled (Strip Mill) 3/8″ to 12″ 240″ – 480″ 72″ to 144″
Discrete (Mill Rolled) 1/4″, 3/16″, 5/16″ 240″ – 480″ 84″ to 120″
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A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate Applications

Champak Industries are engaged in manufacturing of robust quality of A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate widely used in the following industries:

  • Chemical Equipment
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Ship Building Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Food Industries
  • Water Industries
  • Energy Industries
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Cement Industries
  • Sugar Industries
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Oil & Gas Industries
  • Transport Industries- Rail and Road
  • Off-Shore Oil Drilling Companies
  • Condensers
  • Agriculture Industries
  • Petro-Chemical Industries
  • Gas Processing Industries
  • Automotive Industries
  • Power Generation Industries
  • Pulp and Paper Industry
  • Construction Industries / Building Systems
Why Champak Industries?

Champak Industries specialities that makes us a profitable business partner for our clients are:

  • Suppliers and Distributors of all reputed origins and manufacturers.
  • Vast inventory of products with standard sizes and grades.
  • Stringent quality control policies and highly experienced team.
  • Modern Infrastructure with huge storage capacity.
  • Strong logistics & delivery channels.
  • Superior quality products with on time deliveries.
  • Confirmed execution of small as well as large consignment orders.

Champak Industries is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction when it comes to quality, timely delivery and the prices of our products. Customization facility is also provided as per the clients’ requirements as we keep upgrading our products according to the latest market trends. We fulfill each and every customer requirement irrespective of the size of the order. Our clients have been doing business with us for years, indicating higher levels of customer satisfaction. We always welcome any types of enquiries, queries and suggestions from our clients to improve our products and services to serve them better.

Documentations :
Documentation is offered on buyer’s request for assurance of quality of product and supplying only like commercial invoice, fumigation certification, heat treatment chart, quality assurance plan, packaging list, raw material test report, material traceability report.

Test Certificates :
Manufacturer Test Certificate as per EN 10204 / 3.1B, 100% Radiography Test Report, Raw Materials Certificate, Third Party Inspection Report.

Shipping Policy :
Our sales team will notify delivery schedules when quoting to you. Delivery time and delivery dates are based on the quantities and what types of products ordered. Please check with our sales department when placing any orders as on exceptional occasions the delivery schedule may change. Orders may take up to 5-10 business days in transit. If products are out of stock, orders may take up to 2-4 weeks to ship. Champak Industries will inform buyers if this situation occurs.

Marking and Packing :
All products are marked with lot no, size, grade, degree and our trademark. Products are packed to confirm that there is no damage during transit. We assure timely delivery of the product but subject to the availability of the stock. Additionally, to ensure safer shipping products are packaged in Wooden crates/pallets/boxes, Shrink-wrapped and Carton boxes. In case of export orders, standard export packaging is done in wooden cases and on special requests from clients, we can make custom markings on products.

A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate Export Destinations
Champak Industries supply and export A36 Hot Rolled Steel Plate to the following locations across the world:

Middle Eastern Countries : Azerbaijan| Bahrain| Cyprus| Iran| Iraq| Israel| Jordan| Kuwait| Oman| Qatar| Saudi Arabia| Syria| Turkey| UAE| Yemen.

Asian Countries : Bangladesh| Cambodia| India| Indonesia| Japan| Kazakhstan| Malaysia| Maldives| Myanmar| Philippines| Singapore| South Korea| Sri Lanka| Taiwan| Thailand| Vietnam.

North American Countries : USA| Bahamas| Canada| Costa Rica| Denmark| Jamaica| Mexico| Morocco| Panama| Puerto Rica| Trinidad and Tobago.

South American Countries : Argentina| Bolivia| Brazil| Chile| Colombia| Ecuador| Guyana| Paraguay| Perú| Uruguay| Venezuela.

European Countries : Albania| Austria| Belgium| Croatia| Czech Republic| Finland| France| Germany| Greece| Hungary| Ireland| Italy| Malta| Netherland| Norway| Portugal| Russia| Slovakia| Slovenia| Spain| Switzerland| Ukraine| United Kingdom.

African Countries : Algeria| Angola| Egypt| Equatorial Guinea| Ethiopia| Gabon| Ghana| Kenya| Libya| Madagascar| Mozambique| Namibia| Nigeria| South Africa| Sudan| The Republic of Congo| Uganda.

India : Maharashtra | Mumbai| Nagpur| Nashik| Thane| Pune| Vasai| Navi Mumbai| Gujarat| Ahmedabad| Baroda| Surat| Andhra Pradesh| Arunachal Pradesh| Assam| Bihar| Chhattisgarh| Goa| Haryana| Himachal Pradesh| Jharkhand| Karnataka| Kerala| Madhya Pradesh| Manipur| Meghalaya| Mizoram| Nagaland| Odisha| Punjab| Rajasthan| Sikkim| Tamil Nadu| Telangana| Tripura| Uttarakhand| Uttar Pradesh And West Bengal.

Note: Please note that the information on this document is for illustration purposes only as information may vary with individual products, their grade and applications industries or uses and therefore cannot be guaranteed as accurate. © Copyright 2020 © Champak Industries. All Rights Reserved (Terms of Use). Recreation of any materials from the site is strictly prohibited without permission. Champak Industries’ products are sold exclusively through Champak Industries’ website. Use Terms | Privacy. Please contact us to discuss precise product specifications and requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact application needs [email protected]

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