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Our flame cutting profiling service does not extend to cutting such materials as stainless steel. This is because flame cutting relies on the oxidation process whilst materials such as stainless, aluminium and copper form an oxide which makes the flame cutting of this material virtually impossible. Plasma arc cutting is one alternative that should be considered as a suitable cutting method.

The process involves gas being passed through a narrow nozzle at high velocity which is connected to an electric current which creates an ionised plasma stream. This stream melts the metal whilst any molten material is blown away by the high velocity gas resulting in a cut edge.

Champak Industries offer a plasma cutting profiling service for stainless and other high alloy steels – please refer to our technical information below…

Our Plasma Cutting Services

  • Application: Carbon, Low & High Alloy Steels
  • Cutting Range: Up to 64mm (carbon), up to 50mm (stainless)
  • Cutting Area: 15000 x 3000
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